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Thursday 1st December

Details to follow:

Starting at 09:30am from Trencherfield Mill, Heritage Way, Woods Street, Wigan WN3 4AT

Non members are very welcome to come along for a ride or two before joining, all we ask is that you fill out one of our membership forms before doing so and bring it along with you as well as your own bike & helmet to use on the ride.

No need to let us know if you’re coming along, just turn up on the day!

Membership forms are available for you to download from the website (About Us Page)

Previous Thursday Rides

24th November Phil B: 17 miles and 650 feet of ascent. Parsons Meadow, Worsley Mesnes, Clapgate Lane, bridleways through Winstanley Estate and up to Windy Arbour. Into Billinge, tracks down to Carr Mill, Garswood, Bryn, Three Sisters, Landgate Lane, Devil’s Backbone, Hawkley Woods, canal towpath to Pool Street and back to Trencherfield.

17th November – Ride cancelled due to weather conditions

10th November Phil B: 18 miles and 400 feet of climbing. Canal towpath, Amberswood, Low Hall Nature Reserve through to Bickershaw., Fir Tree Flash to Plank Lane. Across to Byrom Lane, Byrom Hall Woods and through to Golborne. Trails around Viridor then alongside the railway to join the canal towpath at Bamfurlong for the final stretch back to Trencherfield.

3rd November Phil B: 18 miles and approx 800 feet of climbing. Cycleway to the Saddle Junction, past the DW to Martland Mill, woodland tracks into Crooke Village, ‘pads’ up to Shevington and Miles Lane to Appley Bridge. Mill Lane next up, Appley Lane South then Lees Lane and Dungeon Lane leading to the climb to Ashurst Beacon.  Trail section through Beacon Park on the way down to Hall Green, Alma Hill and through Tontine to Orrell Water Park, Hall Lane, Pemberton, Saddle Junction and back to Trencherfield

27th October Phil B: 17 miles and around 500 feet of climbing. Parsons Meadow, Westwood Way, through to Amberswood. We ride the trails across Amberswood, back streets through to Hindley Green and Long Lane. Sandy Lane back towards Hindley, Jack’s Lane and Dodd Lane up into Aspull. Borsdane Wood, Ladies Lane joining the track down Highfield Road into Higher Ince and onwards to the canal towpath for the run back to Trencherfield.

20th October Phil B: 18 miles and a little over 500 feet of climbing. Parsons Meadow, Alexandra Park, up to Orrell Water Park via Leopold Street and the ‘Banana Bridge’. Tracks Lane next, into Billinge and tracks through to Garswood.  Three Sisters Nature Reserve, Landgate Lane into Bamfurlong and the canal towpath back to Trencherfield. 

13th October Pete H: 19 Mile with 260 ft of ascent. From Trencherfield along canal and on to Bamfurlong, side of the railway to Viridor Wood joining Riding Lane, Edge Green Ln. on into Golborne arriving at Byrom Wood. Slag Ln. to Fir Tree Flash, Westleigh and Hindley, return along the loop line to the canal and back to the Brick.

6th October Jim T: 22-mile and 822ft of ascent. Standish, Bradley Lane, Chorley Road, Jolly Tar Lane, Yarrow Valley, Birkacre and Dobs Brow. Church Lane to the A49, Back Lane, Red Lane into Eccleston, Bannister Green Lane, Toogood Lane, Cardiac Hill, Tunley Lane, Almond Brook. Through Shevington, Crooke Martland Mill and back to Trencherfield via the DW and cycle paths from the Saddle.

29th September Phil B: 20 miles almost all off road with little uphill.  Canal towpath at Pool Street to Moss Bridge, “yellow brick road” through to Cemetery Road and Amberswood then Low Hall Nature Reserve to Leyland Park.  Trails around the woods and open land at Bickershaw through the Council Estate, trails around the former colliery site “Road to Nowhere”, Fir Tree Flash, Plank Lane, trails around Pennington Flash. Canal towpath back to Moss Bridge, woods at Hawkley Hall, Westwood Way, Worsley Mesnes Estate, Parsons Meadow and back to Trencherfield.

22nd September Phil B: 21 miles on and off road including a difficult climb.  King Street West on our way to Mesnes Park emerging Walkden Avenue. Gidlow Lane then up to Gidlow Cemetery and onwards Wigan Road, track to Green Lane and down Standish Wood Lane to Elnup Wood. Crossing Shevington to join Miles Lane and drop down to Appley Bridge. Mill Lane and Appley Lane North into Lees Lane, laving after a short distance to tackle the lengthy climb up Long Heys Lane to Ashurst Beacon. Well earned rest outside the Prince William before a great downhill on Crow Lane and Farley Lane into Roby Mill. Walthew Green and onto the Whitley Road track through to Lafford Lane, through Upholland to Tontine, onwards to Orrell Water Park before joining Hall Lane track down to Leopold Street and Enfield Street. Alexandra Park then on to cycleways into Wigan and back to Trencherfield. 

15th September Phil B: 19 miles mainly off road and 750 feet of uphill. Canal towpath and the Westwood Way cycleway, Westwood Lane on our way to Amberswood.  We cross Amberswood and circle the lake before joining the Whelley Loop Line up to Higher Ince.  We then cut through the industrial estate to the track at Hemfield Road leading us to Ladies Lane and on to Danesway and the entrance of Borsdane Wood.  We cycle through the full length of the wood on a slight uphill climb towards the Balcarres at Haigh, then down the track at Toddington Lane into Little Scotland.  A short section of road takes us to Blundell Lane followed by Arley Lane and through the golf course to Red Rock. Over the canal and up School Lane into the Haigh Woodland Park, down into the Douglas Valley before returning back to join the canal towpath at New Springs. Downhill then into Wigan and back to our start point. 

8th September Phil B: 21 miles 870ft Ascent. Mainly on road with some cycleway. Westwood Way cycleway through to Goose Green, Little Lane, Leopold Street via Billinge Road and Enfield Street.  Passing through the Redwood estate taking bridleway through to Orrell.  Orrell Road into Upholland, Hall Green, Chequer Lane, following cycleways towards Digmoor.  Nipe Lane, Ferry Knoll Road into Rainford.  News Lane and Higher Lane leading to Crank.  Rainford Road climbing into Billinge.  Roby Well Way reaching Main Street, continued to Windy Arbour then downhill towards Wigan.  Saddle Junction back to Trencherfield.

1st September Phil B: 18 miles and 750ft of ascent. Saddle Junction, Alexandra Park, Billinge Road, Leopold Street, Hall Lane, Orrell Water Park, Tracks Lane then Billinge Lump, Rainford Road, Billinge, Garswood Road, Garswood, Downall Green, Brocstedes Road, Drummers Lane, Landgate, Devil’s Backbone, Hawkley Woods, Canal towpath, Westwood Way, Worsley Mesnes, Parsons Meadow and back to Trencherfield via Swan Meadow Road.

25th August Phil B: 21 miles on and off road with 650 ft of climbing.  Canal towpath at Poolstock, Bamfurlong, Viridor, Edge Green Road, Edge Green Lane, Haydock Park Racecourse, East Lancs, Newton, Park Road North into Wargrave, Vulcan Village, Sankey Valley Park trail, Carr Mill Dam, Carr Mill Road, Billinge, Newton Road, Main Street, Windy Arbour, Saddle Junction and back to Trencherfield. 

18th August Phil B: 20 miles on and off road ride with 400 feet of climbing.  Parsons Meadow, Westwood Way Moss Bridge woods adjacent to Pearson’s Flash, Cemetery Road, Spring View, Amberswood, Blackberry Drive, Park Road, Bickershaw, Road to Nowhere, Fir Tree Flash and follow the trails through to Plank Lane, Westleigh passing Firs Park, Corner Lane, Coupland Road, Swan Lane, Hindley, Whelley Loop Line and towpath back to Trencherfield.

11th August Phil B: 17 miles mainly off road with 500 feet of climbing.  Canal towpath up to Rabbit Rocks at New Springs, Whelley Loop, Amberswood, Low Hall, Kingsdown Flash, Morris Dancers, Crankwood, Pennington Flash, Green Lane, Byrom Lane, Slag Lane and finally the towpath back to Wigan.

4th August Phil B: 24 miles on road route with 1000 feet of climbing. Wallgate, DW Stadium onto Challenge Way, Kitt Green, Orrell Post through Upholland and around the monument to Hall Green. Chequer Lane, Pimbo, Crawford. News Lane into Rainford and on towards the Bypass. Crank Road past Fairfield Hospital on our way to Billinge.  Windy Arbour and Pemberton Road downhill into Wigan. Cycle lanes from the Saddle Junction back to Trencherfield. 

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  • Terry says:

    I have got a electric bike and is that ok.
    Regards Terry.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Terry electric bike should be fine, but just bear in mind that a lot of the off-road trails we use have access barriers (kissing gate type affair)on them. Might be a little more awkward to negotiate with a heavier bike. Only one way to find out though!

    • Geoffrey Smith says:

      I regularly use an electric bike on rides without problem

  • Jack Dodd says:

    Hi to all present today Thursday 2nd August. Thank you for welcoming me today. I hope I didn’t hold you back too much. It was great to see the route and hope I can gain better fitness to join you again sometime in the future. Meanwhile I shall try the Lifestyle group, thanking you for the introduction to Keith. Cheers and safe riding. Jack

  • Pauline Taylor says:

    Does anyone know if the Thursday ride is likely to be on this week due to weather ?

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