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Congratulations to Jim & Carolyn on the earlier than planned arrival of their Grand-daughter “Brooke” bet you’re thrilled. Pass our regards on to the family.

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  • Joyce Southern says:

    Well done to all concerned on the safe arrival of baby Brooke. We send her all our good wishes and look forward to maybe meeting her on a bike ride one fine day!! Joyce and Ray

  • Jim Taylor says:

    Brooke is doing very well, she was just a little heavier than a bag of sugar when she was born. She was in one of those incubator things all wired up for the first 48 hours. But while she is still in the incubator she is less wired up and we can now see her little features. Brooke is likely to be in Grimsby Hospital for a few more weeks but she is making excellent progress. Myself and Carolyn are very pleased with our new granddaughter. I will keep you posted.
    thanks everyone for your thoughts and nice comments.

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