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The things we do!

Quite a few of our ride leaders also assist Active Living in the delivery of their cycling programme. A couple of weeks ago, a request was made by Active Living for a couple of the leaders to help with a pilot scheme. The plan was to oversee a group of parents, whilst they took their children out on a supervised bike ride. The two initial volunteers, myself & Andy had to step down, Andy for personal reasons, myself due to injury, (one of the few times an injury has had a silver lining). Some of the other leaders, being the kind of people they are, stepped in and took over. Here is Elaine’s version of the mornings events.





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  • Joyce Southern says:

    Many thanks to Paul and your son for this fantastic website – very professional indeed!

    To our Surestart volunteer leaders – what can you say? Simply the best! Well done all of you.

  • Jim Taylor says:

    Sounds like a fun day but who for I’m not sure. Typical reaction from our volunteers rising to the occasion and delivering a great service. I’m sure all the participants and their dads enjoyed the mornings session. I’ll bet all the mums did, having a free Saturday morning.
    Well done, Elaine, Roy, Denis and Alan.

  • Margaret Green says:

    Well done Paul and thanks to your son – the website’s looking good – wish you’d chosen a different pic though on the “about us” page – preferably the one which you cut me off taken in the pub!!

    Enjoyed reading about the help given to the dads and children from Surestart – sounds like they had fun!!

    Sorry to hear about your accident – hope you back on the bike soon!!

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