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Quite an eventful outing this one from Three Sisters, highest number of participants, 25 (till next week probably). Furthest rode, 21 miles (that may last a while longer). Longest duration, just under 3 hours (apologies if it caught you out) thought you could pedal quicker than that!

And if that wasn’t enough, after we’d gone through all that effort, there was no tea & biscuits! First time I can recall that ever happening, still it was another glorious day and we all survived. Need to make sure it doesn’t happen agin next week  or we’ll have an uprising!


Mr Clipboard!


Tail end Charlies (wouldn’t be the last time either)


Always guaranteed a smile off Jean!

Ice Cool

Ice Cool

Another dreary ride!

Another dreary route!

Don't you just love Autumn!

Don’t you just love Autumn!

Pretty but we did have to climb it!

Pretty but we did have to climb it!

Didn't we Denis!

Didn’t we Denis!

Its a long way up!

Its a long way up!

Breather at the top!

Breather at the top!

Finally a downhill.

Finally a downhill.

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  • Doreen Pukitis says:

    Brilliant ride, brilliant people loved it Thanks Paul 🙂

  • Phil B says:

    What a great choice I made just 2 weeks ago to join WBCCC. Up to now, fab gang, rides and tea and biscuits. I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesdays ride although hadn’t got a clue where I was most of the time. Thanks Paul.

  • Phil says:

    This was the best Tuesday ride I’ve been on Paul. Thoroughly enjoyable with some great countryside as always. I’ll been in the queue for the luxury mince pies next week Enid.

  • Joyce says:

    Really great ride Paul. Simon’s link map and statistics very good indeed.

  • elaine says:

    Wow Simons link works really well, great map but its in kilometres not English! Looks really good. Great ride,my legs are still complaining! Cheers Elaine

  • Simon says:

    Rodger here, no its not it’s Simon (In joke you had to be there)
    Perfect autumnal weather, a great turnout and for me a route I had never done before, It don’t get much better than this folks. I was looking forward to a brew at the end (dashed) but the thought of Enid’s luxury mince pies being possibly on offer at the next meet will more than suffice.

    Trying this link as a test to show route, not sure if it will work on the site but does work on the facebook site.

  • Jim Taylor says:

    Super ride today, wonderful weather, some great cycle paths along the Sankey canal and Sankey valley, all in all a good day out. However, can’t understand how the mayhem at the end occured, one minute we were all together in Billinge and by the time we got back to 3 Sisters we had split into 4 groups. And then no tea or biscuits!

    Hope everyone enjoyed it.

  • enid says:

    Sorry I didn’t make it today because I am ill. Normal catering will be resumed next week. I had even bought luxury mince pies!

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