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Yet another well attended excursion out from Three Sisters, mild, dry & puncture free that’s what we like!

Muddy Valley

SANKEY VALLEY-00-21-27-550

Nice camera angle Phil, the job’s yours!

SANKEY VALLEY-00-53-12-273

Even doing formation cycling now!

SANKEY VALLEY-00-57-25-435

The Gatekeeper!

SANKEY VALLEY-01-07-26-133

Not quite as bad as the Guild Wheel.

SANKEY VALLEY-01-15-48-254

Another great bit of composition Phil, pity about the smear!

SANKEY VALLEY-01-21-42-905

Impressive sight seeing us stretched out into the distance. Wonder what onlookers think!

SANKEY VALLEY-01-23-05-070

Enjoy the hill Pete?

SANKEY VALLEY-01-23-46-478

Roy definitely wins the Darth Vader lookalike competition! Don’t know about the dark side but it’s probably his best side.


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  • elaine says:

    My first ride for a few weeks and was a bit worried i wouldnt cope but Paul wasnt leading so those peskyhills justdidnt appear! A good ride and westayed dry. Hope ,paul recovers soon have a good Christmas everyone xxx

  • Jim Taylor says:

    t some even better comments. Really enjoyed the route it was a combination of a couple of previous routes but seemed to work very well, look forward to doing it again, particularly in better weather. Phil and myself got us the Carr Mill (the easy bit) but Pete took over for the rest of the ride (the bits none of knew) along the Sankey canal, Wargrave etc and back to 3 Sisters.
    Great job Pete.

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