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First ride out from the new venue, not the best of mornings by any stretch of the imagination. Still had a decent turnout though!

Little Scotland

Slightly more attentive congregation this week!

Slightly more attentive congregation this week! Different preacher by any chance!

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-00-53-04-107

Doreen leading the way again, no stopping her since she got that Hybrid!

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-00-53-05-742

Seen more of Tony this last couple weeks than in the last couple of years!

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-00-53-23-460

Your head’s casting an awfully big shadow Anthony!

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-01-03-38-141

Everyone loves the climb up to Red Rock!

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-01-03-40-475

We don’t seem to have any walkers, perhaps we need to find some tougher hills!

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-01-05-01-056

Chris seems to be enjoying the challenge!

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-01-11-46-159

Always the serenity of Arley after that dreaded climb!

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-01-32-19-667

It’s that man again, looks like he’s enjoying himself.

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-01-33-33-229

So does Enid, she hasn’t turned away from the camera or shut her eyes, think we’ve broken her!

TRENCHERFIELD 120116-01-33-40-703

Always guaranteed a smile off these two, they brighten up any ride!

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