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A glorious morning was in prospect for our latest jaunt from Trencherfield, would it stay that way?

Mooching Round Hindley

Haven't been down here in a while!

Haven’t been down here in a while!

A bit calmer than Sunday, canal is like a Mill Pond!

A bit calmer than Sunday’s ride, canal is like a Mill Pond!

Trencherfield 090216-01-10-21-919

Only a suspicion, but I think Doreen likes that Hybrid!

Trencherfield 090216-01-10-22-985

These two look well wrapped up!

Trencherfield 090216-01-17-45-184

Pity the sign didn’t say Lancaster!

Trencherfield 090216-01-26-06-684

Looks like the Heavens may have opened!

Trencherfield 090216-01-47-08-833

Almost Spring and Lens still got the Hump!!!!

Trencherfield 090216-02-01-50-288

At least the rain had stopped, blue sky on show again!

Trencherfield 090216-02-07-11-341

Phil photo bombing the shot again, the Geese don’t look too impressed!

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