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These Tuesday rides from Trencherfield are certainly bringing out the best in our route planners, different route every week at the moment. Keep it up gents, nice to see some different parts of the Borough!

Gowin’t Gowburn

Looks like the bribery's working Jim, apart from Keith that is, he's wondering whats for dinner!

Looks like the bribery’s working on them Jim, apart from Keith that is, he’s wondering whats for dinner!

Trencherfield 010316-00-11-48-239-1 (dragged)

Heading for the towpath once again!

Trencherfield 010316-00-13-26-270-1 (dragged)

Never really noticed the stonework before!

Trencherfield 010316-00-23-29-472-1 (dragged)

Nice unusual shot Phil, was it planned!

Trencherfield 010316-00-28-56-731-1 (dragged)

Still not up to Ritchie’s standard!

Trencherfield 010316-00-42-03-315-1 (dragged)

These flooded bits are becoming the norm!

Trencherfield 010316-01-08-19-999-1 (dragged)

Brian wins the “how low can you go” competition!

Trencherfield 010316-01-17-16-355-1 (dragged)

Riding past a pub, that cant be right!

Trencherfield 010316-01-33-44-741-1 (dragged)

We’ve crossed that bridge once or twice!

Trencherfield 010316-02-22-50-945-1 (dragged)

Our newest member Eric on his debut!

Trencherfield 010316-02-23-08-763-1 (dragged)

Enid showing off again!

Trencherfield 010316-02-23-09-997-1 (dragged)

What have you got on your head Len!

Trencherfield 010316-02-23-31-375-1 (dragged)

No need for any comment, the smile says it all.

Trencherfield 010316-02-23-11-165-1 (dragged)


Trencherfield 010316-02-23-27-348-1 (dragged)

Keith’s remembered what’s for dinner, something nice by the looks of it!

Trencherfield 010316-02-07-46-710-1 (dragged)

Men at work, rest and play!

Trencherfield 010316-02-25-33-879-1 (dragged)

Trencherfield Bound!

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