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Another fantastic turnout for the weekly excursion from Trencherfield, not so many photos though the stand in cameraman just isn’t up to the task, come back soon Phil, all is forgiven!

Windy Arbour Blues

Trencherfield 120416-01-36-41-784

Looks like you were gonna savour that Phil, or you were wishing it was a pint!

Trencherfield 120416-01-47-25-777

Form an orderly queue please!

Trencherfield 120416-01-47-14-646

Not a lot of wiggle room over that bridge!

Trencherfield 120416-02-00-40-176

Another ride over with!

Trencherfield 120416-02-04-12-263

The bit we’d all been waiting for!

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