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The sun was shining yet again for our Trencherfield run out and yet again we had a fantastic turnout. Thought a few may have ducked out following the Bay Way outing but it was practically a full turnout. Tony & Len had the reins for this one so rest assured there was going to be a hill or two involved, they led us out via the canal to Martland Mill before heading to Crooke Village and across the fields to Shevington. From here it was over to Appley Bridge followed by, Dalton, Newburgh, Bispham Green & Parbold, before heading back along the canal, Wigan bound! Twenty Five of us took part, covering just over 22 miles on what was a rather pleasant morning. Great route fella’s, looking forward to your next one!

trencherfield 17.5.16-00-00-08-408

The usual pre-ride confab. looks like Sheila has rumbled you though Brian.

trencherfield 17.5.16-00-09-49-487

The first of many hills, only a very short one but it’s a little bugger!

trencherfield 17.5.16-00-21-33-055

There’s always a Smart Alec wants to get involved!

trencherfield 17.5.16-00-24-17-186

New territory this bit!

trencherfield 17.5.16-00-25-45-374

Take you’re time Len, no hurry, not like were waiting for you or anything!

trencherfield 17.5.16-00-29-18-920

Scenery’s almost as good as the Lakes!

trencherfield 17.5.16-00-43-20-225

Lee’s Lane, excellent choice!

trencherfield 17.5.16-00-55-30-787

Quick pit stop, that’s the hard work done, easy peasy from here!

trencherfield 17.5.16-01-01-44-802

No sure what Joyce is remonstrating about, looks serious though!

trencherfield 17.5.16-01-10-37-428

Carole looking as unperturbed as ever!

trencherfield 17.5.16-01-11-45-765

There miles behind you Len, they haven’t a clue what you’re pointing at!

trencherfield 17.5.16-01-28-04-435

Not been across that bridge before!

trencherfield 17.5.16-01-29-50-741

Not sure where this is either, looks good though!

trencherfield 17.5.16-01-33-55-818

Sorry you couldn’t make it Tracy, Eric had to step in and do the seat checks!

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