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Yet another great route and turnout for our Trencherfield ride, bettered only by the glorious weather. No details on how many rode or where we got to, but it was very enjoyable. Thanks for leading Jim, much appreciated!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-00-08-05-779

Another great turnout and what a glorious morning!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-00-02-20-273

Rather impressive that Rita, whole new meaning to getting your leg over!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-00-21-57-246

Just taking in the Sun!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-00-37-03-661

How many times have we ridden over this?

Trencherfield 31.05.16-00-37-45-859

Nice vantage point Brian!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-00-53-01-905

Don’t believe you Sheila, its never that big!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-01-01-25-941

Steve showing off a bit, Ambulance was on high alert!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-01-19-37-736

Glorious surroundings, only thing spoiling it is the cyclists!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-01-22-54-793

Almost sure you’d just gone the other way!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-01-42-32-984

Englishman, Irishman & Scotsman go into a pub, Chris thought the punchline was hilarious!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-01-43-30-291

A picture (pardon the pun) of concentration!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-03-13-43-855

Bit of unfamiliar territory there Jim!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-02-11-12-015

Race to see who can finish their butty first, Brian got off to a head start, didn’t even have time to take off his helmet!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-02-13-23-512

Meanwhile in the Red corner!

Wouldn't be the same without a bridge included!

Wouldn’t be the same without a bridge included!

Trencherfield 31.05.16-03-14-59-481

Last but not least, John Travolta eat your heart out!

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