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The rain had to catch up with us eventually and today was the day, didn’t put many off though, still had eighteen turn up for our Trencherfield outing. Len kindly led the way once more and took us via Bryn, Downall Green,  Billinge & Kings Moss as far as Pimbo, another new area for us. Return was via Upholland, Tontine, Orrell & Pemberton for a much needed pick me up at the Community Cafe. Nineteen miles covered in total, including a slight hill or two, it was Len leading after all.

Smiles all round, happy to see the rain for a change!

Smiles all round, happy to see the rain for a change!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-00-56-50-567

We all know what you’ll be up to later Anthony!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-00-13-202

Looks like he’s heading for Shaley Brow!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-16-56-206

Perhaps not!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-18-08-641

That’s a proper summer sky!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-19-01-215

Tower Hill next stop!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-39-28-684

Keep it going Les, nowhere near the top yet!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-40-13-395

You’re making it look so easy!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-51-31-871

Checking for stragglers!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-49-00-087

No reason, just like the photo!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-48-48-242

Len’s after your crown Phil. “King of the puddles”

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-02-02-38-536

The inner child, out to play on this occasion!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-02-20-51-192

Poles apart, one pole anyway!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-02-00-45-857

No reason again, just like it!

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-01-52-55-855

He’s a serious contender Phil.

Trencherfield 14.06.2016-02-06-39-510

Just speak to each other, for goodness sake!

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