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What should have been quite a moderate turnout ended up with 26 taking part, quite a few should have been enjoying a cycling holiday in France but for a last minute flight cancellation. At least they had the pleasure of accompanying us up to Heath Charnock on one of Jim H’s off-road tours, seventeen miles this week bringing the total since last years AGM to over one thousand two hundred, we’ve had over a thousand taking part and a combined mileage of twenty four thousand. Not bad for a small local cycling club, keep up the good works folks!

Our latest member Phil, no doubt wishing he was somewhere else instead!

Our latest member Phil, no doubt wishing he was somewhere else instead!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-09-00-505

Clive trying to pull off the wearing as many different colours as possible look!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-20-45-975

The Heinz bridge!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-29-02-270

Not quite sure which is the wettest, the canal or the towpath!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-39-07-306

Slight hold up while Jim decided which way to go!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-40-27-687

Decision made, were going this way!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-40-32-658

Its either his very disapproving face, or his I should be in France face!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-44-57-627

The Boardman’s certainly clocking some miles up Jean!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-54-06-670

Look’s like were Heading East again!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-57-07-217

There is a trail up ahead Steve, honest!!!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-00-59-10-973

Maybe not!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-01-00-26-415

Good attempt with the outfit Clive, only second place though!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-01-03-32-234

Back on Tarmac again!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-01-12-10-283

Just like the country lanes in France, only nearer to home!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-01-19-14-807 (1)

Quick breather before the push for home!

Trencherfield 28.06.2016-01-19-42-338

Community cafe here we come!

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