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02 November, 2015
Clifton Street Community Centre, Clifton Street, Poolstock, Wigan. WN3 5HN

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Fantastic to see so many of you attending the meeting, thank you ever so much for making the effort, it really is appreciated. Quite a few items discussed and sorted, along with quite a few more watch these spaces. Most importantly though is the fact that we now have a full compliment of club officials in place again to guide us through the next 12 months, hope it’s as rewarding as the previous 12 have been. Our membership has more than doubled over that period of time, with the majority of those new members cycling with us on a regular basis. The volume of rides we do has increased significantly, the distances we ride likewise and also the number of participants taking part, all in all a very successful year. Looking forward to what the next chapter in our clubs history has in store!

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