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23 January, 2017
Trencherfield Mill, Heritage Way, Woods Street, Wigan. WN3 4AT

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A little chilly this one apparently, put one or two off it seems, but we still managed to tempt 19 of you out of your nice warm beds.

A Ride of Two Halves

Change of approach this week, tables have been turned. Let’s see what comments you lot can come up with!

Useless the lot of you!

Have you seen what he’s up to Joyce!

Looks like you did something right Ray!

As Larry Grayson would say “Oh what a grey day”

We’re getting over run with Road Bikes!

Are you all sitting comfortably? Then i’ll begin. The history of Vulcan by our very own Pete!

Can we have blue socks next time Thelma, just so they match your sleeves!

Did you not do a history lesson on the Sankey Viaduct Pete?

Not what you’d normally come across on a bike trail!

One false move and it could all end in the chipper!

Lunchtime over, now for the hard part!

Wonder if Sue looked that composed at the top of Tower Hill?

Never seen it dry under that bridge, even in summer!

Not been in the Stork for years, anyone know what its like nowadays?

Nice to see Pete adopting the leaders salute!

Enid hoping & praying that they’re going up Shaley Brow!

Looks promising Enid, heading in the right direction!

Sorry Enid, not meant to be. You’ll just have to make do with Tower Hill instead!

Waiting for stragglers!

No sign of Denis, probably already at home by this stage!

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