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12 October, 2015
Barn Owl Inn, Agden Wharf, Warrington Lane, Lymm, Cheshire. WA13 0SW

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Glorious autumnal morning for our jaunt round the Cheshire countryside, certainly had some of those countryside smells to go with it! Thirteen in total for this one, sorry you didn’t make it Alan would have taken us off the unlucky number. All in all not a bad days cycling though; no punctures or mechanicals; loads of beautiful scenery, plenty of wildlife on display in Tatton Park; a nice coffee stop and a generous “sprinkling of hills” thrown in to boot. (will credit Denis with that phrase). Short changed on the mileage though, owe you all a few more next time out. Or maybe an extra hill, that would be much better!

It's a hard life cycling!

It’s a hard life cycling!

Cheshire Lanes 2-00-00-00-00

Autumn’s definitely here!

Looks like these two enjoyed the hill.

Looks like these two enjoyed the hill.

We'll never fit through there!

We’ll never fit through there!

I stand corrected!

Stand corrected as well as you Jim!!!!

Wooden lanes in Cheshire now!

Wooden lanes all the rage in Cheshire now!

Cheshire Lanes 2-00-50-34-602

There’s always one goes the wrong way, or in this case three of em!

Yes I do owe you a few more miles!

Yes we do owe you a few more miles Denis!

Why can all roads not be like this!

Why can all roads not be like this!

Cheshire Lanes 2-00-54-20-984

Or this!


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