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20 February, 2017
10:00 am
Ashurst Beacon Car Park, Mill Lane, Up Holland. WN8 7RZ

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We did manage to avoid too much rain, but there was quite a wind we had to contend with, BUT the drink and large Scones and Jam at the Hayloft helped fortify us for the return journey.

Not a bad turnout for a 32 miler on cold February morning, 18 in total made an appearance, 19 if you include David who came along to wave us off. Second appearance for John B’s Trike, wonder how he managed getting up the Beacon. Second appearance as well for Joyce’s Trek, beginning to think you’d sold it, must be saving it for best!!

Think Steve should do all the pre-ride briefings, only one anybody listens to! Even David’s listening!

Now that’s what you call a flag John! Wonder where Alan got it from?

That didn’t take long, getting it I mean not mending it! Lucky Roy wasn’t there to time you.

And were back underway again, how long for though!

Tower Hill, lovely little climb!

And now for the fun part!

Double white lines Joyce, no overtaking!

Not many Peacocks about today!

Three wheels on my wagon but I’m still rolling along, the Cherokees are after me!!!

Is that you little Denis?

Trade Union junction, one out, all out!

What road are we on?

Not what was meant by tear along the dotted line Joyce!

Not much shelter from those trees!

Bet you were all glad when that junction was out of the way!

Still behind you Joyce!

Is that what they mean by bunch up at the junction?

Wonder what the receptions like with that aerial?


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  • John B says:

    I will certainly ask Alan where he got his flag from – that looks a good one to aspire to! I wonder if he knows where we could get some printed with the club logo, then we could all fly one the rides?
    As for the Beacon, well, slower in parts, faster in others dependent upon whether it is up or down hill!!
    Thoroughly enjoyed the ride and looking forward to the next outing.

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