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18 December, 2016
Trans Pennine Trail Ranger Station Car Park, Statham Avenue, off Whitbarrow Road, Lymm, WA13 9AQ

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This 34 mile ride was successfully completed at around 15:00 and all riders returned safely to the starting point.

Below is the Ride report along with some photographs taken at the start point of the ride.

Charismatic Cheshire 18-12-16

Trans Pennine Trail symbol at Lymm Ranger Station


Relaxation before the ride is important

Charismatic Cheshire ride briefing

Keen to get going

Everyone else was content just to admire John’s new wheels, not Thelma!

John hadn’t wee’d on the seat had he?

From the smile i’ll take that as a yes!

Bit of a tight squeeze there John, Tony knows exactly how that feels!

Phil or Jim H must have had a role in the planning!

Aw’h bless em, they’re giving him a head start!

Look what’s appeared out of the mist!

Waiting patiently behind, just as well only John knew the route!

Looks like Thelma’s been the victim of a drive by shooting!

Tatton Park at it’s finest!

Wonder-woman meets Captain America!

Those trees have had one hell of a serious pruning!

Look what you missed Anthony, aren’t you jealous!

How did the Trike manage to negotiate that lot? No danger of falling off I suppose!

Didn’t see many White Legs on show today!

Post ride refreshments, just before Roy heads off to the Bank!

Pete’s just realised what Roy & his accomplice are going to the Bank for!


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