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10 January, 2016
Lymm, Crouchley Lane, Lymm

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Quite an eventful day out by the sound of things, another good turnout though!

Lift Anyone?

You're looking a bit pale Mark!

You’re looking a tad pale Mark!

Billy no mates by the look of it!

Billy no mates by the look of it!

Familiar sight of the Reverend's bike!

Familiar sight, the Reverend’s bike upside down!

Looks like it's getting a touch serious!

Looks like it’s getting a touch serious!

The Good Samaritan takes over, Roy's prayers have been answered!

The Good Samaritan takes over, Roy’s prayers have been answered!Lift Anyone? (SC)

What a Guy!

What a Guy!

We're actually mobile again!

We’re actually mobile again!

Crossing The Weaver!

Crossing The Weaver!

Anderton Boat Lift-02-26-09-977

We definitely head thataway!                    I Think!

Anderton Boat Lift-03-24-23-793

Wouldn’t be the same without a puddle! (the ride that is, not Alan)

Lift Anyone? (SC)

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