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27 December, 2016
The Junction of The Common & Old School Lane, Addlington, PR7 4DN

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Last outing of the year and not a bad one to finish with. Clearly remember doing something similar to this for one of our very first club rides, bet everyone found the climb up to the Pigeon Tower easier than last time we did it!

Rivington & Anglezarke Ramble

Familiar sight, everyone fully engrossed in the pre-ride briefing!

Now that’s just rubbing salt in it!

Anyway round the roundabout will do apparently!

You wouldn’t be out of breath by any chance, would you?

Sweet anyone? Could have done with a bag of those at the start Jim!

Look what you’ve missed Anthony!

Keeping up appearances there Joyce, quick application of fresh deodorant!

This one looks a bit dramatic!

Extra points if you can identify yourselves!

White Coppice, well worth a visit if your ever round that way!

Problems problems!

Silent Hill I presume!

Looks a bit steeper from this angle!

Expression says it all Richey!

Wasn’t all uphill, may have seemed like it though!

Ray on hand with a replacement roll on, big one as well by the looks of it!

Looks very pleasant I must say!

Careful you don’t poke someones eye out Joyce!

May be a bit bumpy, he said!!!

“I believe I can fly”

Cracking view from up here!

And now for the fun part!

Hold on to your hat’s!

All that climbing for a 30 second downhill run. Good fun though!

Looks like the Pope waving to his followers!

Adventure over, back to the Pub!

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