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11 May, 2014
Plank lane Swing-Bridge, Leigh

Fortune favours the brave!

Only two hardy souls ventured out for the early start, inclement weather,  early start and a couple of injuries having their effect no doubt. Undeterred our intrepid cyclists set off on the mornings adventure. Probably only a mystery to John as it turned out. Canal towpath to Atherleigh Way, skirting the edge of Pennington on the way to the East Lancs cycle path, heading in Lowton direction. From here it was through Culcheth and Glazebrook on the way to Cadishead and across Chat Moss towards Astley Green, before crossing the Lancs and heading back to the Canal at Marsland Green Lane. Towpath back to Plank Lane, no doubt bidding farewell to Harold as they passed Butts Bridge. About 25 miles covered, slightly more for John including a fairly lengthy sprint section, sounds a bit like myself  & Denis.

Twenty five miles, and the only time it rained was while they were having a coffee break, just happened to be under cover at the time. Fully deserved their bit of good fortune.

Anyone up for next weeks escapade, you’ll be more than welcome, I’m getting stir crazy, just  thinking about going!


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