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05 June, 2016
Frenchwood Recreation Area Car Park, Esplanade, Preston. PR1 4LX

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Brilliant day out, 26 of us in total covering 53 miles in glorious sunshine that lasted from start to finish.

Lunch in Sorton-00-09-47-186

Jean’s on lookout duty!

Lunch in Sorton-00-35-39-978

About turn!

Lunch in Sorton-00-59-08-571

Just checking the Garmin!

Lunch in Sorton-01-19-06-398

And again!

Lunch in Sorton-01-56-35-698

Were on the right track at last, Garmin”s finally been updated!

Lunch in Sorton-01-28-06-921

Oops, spoke too soon!

Lunch in Sorton-02-29-08-904

One final check!

Lunch in Sorton-02-37-35-696

No chairs were harmed in the making of this production!

Lunch in Sorton-02-38-04-803

That’s not what’s meant by a liquid lunch Roy!

Lunch in Sorton-02-51-36-275

First 50 miler almost done ladies!

Lunch in Sorton-02-55-37-617

Cant believe this one, pushing bikes downhill, explanation required please!

Lunch in Sorton-02-57-03-941

Anything you can do I can do better!

Lunch in Sorton-02-57-18-025

Or perhaps not, as the case may be!

Lunch in Sorton-03-01-08-602

Well done folks!

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