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09 July, 2023
High Street Car Park, Garstang, Preston PR3 1WZ

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Glorious ride again this one, chalk and cheese compared to the last outing to Roach Bridge although there were some similarities. Only a few taking part, for whatever reason, a late start once again and some beautiful weather. Other than that there were no mechanicals, no tumbles and we covered the 36 miles in just over 3 hours, excellent days cycling. Only hiccup being the planned cafe stop at Puddleducks had to be aborted. New owners had taken over and were in the process of giving the place a spruce up. Plan B was a 200 yd detour to the Village Hall, only problem was the lack of outside seating, yours truly and Jim were like a pair of gargoyles perched on a gate post each while the others ventured inside. Thanks for planning and leading Allan, very much appreciated. Really do hope that more of you can make the effort for future rides, if you don’t they will more than likely grind to a halt!!!!!

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