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05 March, 2017
The Broughton Inn, 502 Garstang Road, Broughton, Preston PR3 5HE

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Quite a decent turnout considering the conditions, just the slightest hint of moisture in the air I’m led to believe!

Smiling in the face of adversity! (it was only spitting though)

Notice the Trek didn’t make it out on this one!

Not sure if this is one of our members or a local gang member!

First time we’ve caught Pauline on camera as well.

And another new member, probably wishing he was somewhere else by the look of things!

The mop up crew!

Doing the TEC role once again, really is appreciated Clive!

It’s stopped spitting by the look of it!

Wise choice by John, didn’t bother with waterproofs, wore Speedo’s instead!

First car we’ve come across and that one’s parked up, we did say they were quiet roads!

Officially stopped spitting now. Meanwhile Joyce is attempting to tickle herself!

Still trying. Doesn’t work Joyce, give it up as a bad job!

Expression says it all, not only did he offer to pay everyones toll, he only had a Tenner though and got his change in 20p coins, bagful of them!

Quite an odd looking tree, anyone know what it is apart from an odd looking tree!

Everyone quite relieved it was on the opposite side, that could have been quite funny!

John’s been watching too much F1, thinks he’s expecting a pit crew to rush out of the pub and do a wheel change!

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  • Phil B says:

    I’vy an idea what the tree is!. Great ride, pictures and comments.
    Phil and Sue

  • Joyce says:

    I think the tree was one of those laughing giant trees from Scandinavia possibly?

  • Phil 1 says:

    Great comments, Paul. Thanks to Richie as well for keeping the camera lens clear of rain for long enough to get some decent photos.

  • Joyce says:

    Thank you Phil and the gang for a great ride. Rather cold and wet, but that has never put us off!?

  • Pauline and Alan Taylor says:

    Hi I’ve filled in the booking forms but please could you book Alan and me on this and we also may do the evening ride too. Not sure about both! Thanks Pauline

  • Carole johnson says:

    Just to let you know, I have managed to find a lift now, so see you there!!

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