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20 March, 2016
1:00 pm
Pennington Park, Pennington Ave, (off St Helens Rd) Leigh. WN7 3JD

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Great turnout again ladies, thank you all for coming along. Big thank you to Margaret & Joyce for leading the ride for us and to Denis, Phil & Jim for riding along and providing backup. Have to mention Bev and her Mum at the Community Cafe as well for putting on a great spread for us and making us feel very welcome, thank you very much ladies.

Both of the WOW rides we hosted seem to have been a great success, we definitely created a bit of interest and even managed to recruit a couple of new members in the process.

Got some great photo’s for you, all down to our new camera-woman Tracy, you’ve definitely got Phil worried, thank’s for stepping in, cracking effort!

Sermon over, it's wagon's roll.

Sermon over, it’s wagon’s roll.

Ladies Long Ride 200316-00-07-09-999

We can see you in the mirror Sheila!

Ladies Long Ride 200316-00-16-14-237

Quite an impressive turnout!

Ladies Long Ride 200316-00-35-02-752

First pit-stop!

Ladies Long Ride 200316-01-01-14-296

Great little downhill this bit!

Ladies Long Ride 200316-01-11-31-144

See you managed to get in on the photo Tracy, just about!

Ladies Long Ride 200316-01-38-37-206

Heading into the Hall.

Ladies Long Ride 200316-01-39-22-778

And now the climb begins!

Ladies Long Ride 200316-01-50-21-968

Look of determination going on there Carole!

Ladies Long Ride 200316-02-54-16-625

Great photo, the jobs yours Tracy!

Ladies Long Ride 200316-03-04-12-085

Final sprint to home!

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